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Green Building

Authentic Venetian Plaster

Jonathan Alfred has mastered the art of Venetian plastering that creates elegant, unique walls. Give your walls a classic European feel with traditional Venetian plaster. With the range of materials and techniques we are able to apply, the possibilities are endless.

Metal Roofing


Jonathon Alfred Finishings (JAF) has been perfecting the art of stucco finishes since 1900. Our specialists can create any color or texture imaginable. We’ll help you plan your new look or repair and execute it with a level of quality that you can take pride in.


Knockdown Finish

A nice modern look varing from small to large splatter patterns.


Level 4 & 5 Finish

We specialize in turning walls into beautiful smooth surfaces.


Orange Peel Finish

A tiny splatter can be applied from fine to coarse.


Specialty Finish

Hand trowel texturing gives any home great character.

Do you need Professionals to render the fine details that finish your dream home?

JA Finishings offers meticulous finishing experts to make your dreams come true.

Our Promise and Values

No matter the size or scope, Jonathan Alfred Finishing delivers high quality build-outs consistently, and remains responsiveness from start to finish. We are a company that offers build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction close.